Green Initiative

The Environment Does Matter!

We Believe Everyone Needs to Do Their Part........

........and We Do Ours

We take seriously the responsibility each of us has as stewards of the earth and the environment. We believe that we each need to do our part and we believe that no matter how small that effort might seem, it still makes a difference.

Here's How We Do That

Here is what we do to help the environment:
Disposal of Hazardous Materials:

We do not allow our customers to include hazardous materials in our dumpsters. There are proper ways to dispose of these items. We can provide you with guidance on how to properly dispose of these items but we do not haul them. For a list of those items, just go to the What We Take page. Feel free to call us for better guidance.

Recycling of Certain Materials:

We are a firm believer in the value of recycling and where possible, we will separate those items that are recyclable and dispose of them accordingly. This reduces the amount of material that go in the landfills and reduce the impact on our environment.

We urge everyone to do their part to help save the environment in their daily lives. This is how we conduct our business to further that effort.